Berlin Stories


October 25th
Interview and talk with Mark Reeder (B Movie)

My name is Nazli and I am in love with my city. I was once asked to write about 5 artists one should meet when they come to Berlin. This season I am setting out to present all of my favourite people and their Berlin stories to you at The Ballery. My first guest will be Mark Reeder himself.

Everything started at Nollendorfplatz.

“During the 80’s, West Berlin was a city in the state of emergency. Creative melting pot for soulburn pop culture, masterminding amateurs and potential global superstars. West Berlin was unpredictable.”

Mark Reeder came here at the end of the 70’s, moved into a squat near Nollendorfplatz, partied with punks who became legends today and documented his experiences in Berlin over the following 10 years. On October 25, 2017 he will be our first guest at the very exciting monthly Berlin Stories talks at The Ballery.

“Before the iron curtain fell, Berlin was a walled in island full of artists, hedonists and squatters. All living on the edge of life. It was never about long term success. It was about living for the moment and the thrill. The here and now. West Berlin was the place to be. The days were short, and the nights were long. Endlessly long. Nick Cave, once hit the nail on the head. In Berlin, there are the most beautiful woman, the best drugs and a lot of people who give the artists the respect they deserve. But this place will never be the same again. It no longer exists.”

Mark Reeder came to Berlin as the representative of Factory Records to promote a band called Joy Division, sadly nobody in Berlin seemed to be very interested in. In a few months he will have been living here for 40 years.

In an interview with DW he says Berlin has always been a bit of a family of creatives supporting each other. The Ballery couldn’t agree more! We are a team of creators brought together in an exceptional space in Nollendorfstrasse, where Christopher Isherwood once lived.

Our event series Berlin Stories got its name from Isherwood’s book, and its content from our love and ever growing curiosity for Berlin people and their stories.

Entry 5€
Please arrive on time 20hr!