The Ballery Team
Directors: Simon Williams & Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz
Assistant curator: Constanze Metzel

The Ballery opened in September 2014 as a platform for Berlin based artists to show their work. The Ballery also offers its space as a venue for talks, readings and other cultural activities.

The Ballery aims to present a balanced cross section of society.  Through our exhibitions and events there is a strong focus on presenting perspectives that support diversity and equality in the community.

The Ballery works on bringing different networks together mostly though group shows and by inviting guest curators. Below you can find a selection of past exhibitions that have presented Berlin based artists coming from all parts of the world.

Simon Williams
* UK  5. 4. 1976

Simon Williams was born in Stockton-On-Tees England and received a professional training in the performing arts at The London Studio Centre & Ballet Junior Geneva. His experience as a dancer and choreographer brought him to work with companies including Sir Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake, Hamburg State Opera, Zurich Opera House, Los Angeles Classical Ballet, Connecticut Ballet USA, Joffery II Concert Dancers, Vereinigte Bühnen Wien and Theater Des Westens, Berlin.

From 2004-2012 he established and directed multi media event collective SWATT producing events in France, Switzerland, Taiwan and the UK. Highlights included concerts for British spoken word artist Anne Clark, dance production imreadywhenUR with the UK break dance champions Bad Taste Cru, presented at The Royal Opera House Covent Garden, and short films – On the Wire and Wonder Woman which were selected for films prize festivals NOMAD in Taipei and FIVU in Montevideo.

In January 2013 he moved to Berlin. The same year he opened a Pop-Up Art Gallery project which ran for over one year and brought together a large artists network. With Pop-Up Art Gallery Simon curated over 50 exhibitions in Berlin as well as in Denmark and Spain. In September 2014 Simon signed the contract for a new venue at the current location in Nollendorfstrasse. During a conversation with an artist Simon mistakingly fused together the words gallery and ballet. The Ballery opened with its first group exhibition Birth of the Cool.

Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz
CUBA 7. 9. 1976

Otto was born and raised in Cuba. He studied architecture at the ISPJAE Institute in Havana. In 2002 he moved to Weimar to study fine art at The Bauhaus University. From 2007 Otto initiated the Weimar cultural space and artists collective Baustelle M10. During five years, friends and students joined the project either with a permanent studio space, or with different initiatives, from work presentations, film or photo shootings, workshops, parties and exhibitions.

In 2013 Otto moved to Berlin where he continued to work as a freelance performance and visual artist.

SOLO SHOWS (selection)

Hector Vargas – BISMARCK
Felix Scholz – Follow Me & Endangered Jungle
Rinaldo Hopf – Postcards From L.A.
Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz – Wie Aus Der Ferne
Mischa Fanghaenel – Blurred
Roman Lipski – Landschaften aus dem Netz

Iris Schieferstein – Death of Beauty
Alexandre Haefeli – The Company of Men
Valentina Bardazzi – organiche/geometriche
Sabatino Cersosimo – Emotional Accordion
Rinaldo Hopf – Films of My Youth
Georg Meyer Weil – The Life Studies
Rex – Verboten
Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz – Fragmented Landscapes

Beatriz Crespo – Ubiquity, Transformation, Adaptation
Cem Ulug – Collage
Nicolas Balcazar – Retrospective
Irene Cruz – What Dreams are Made of
Rinaldo Hopf – Watercolours

Chris Phillips – Berlin Tales
Daniele Roccaro – Solo

GROUP SHOWS (selection)

Trash to Treasure – curators: Simon Williams & Otto Oscar Hernandez
Planet Giegling – Curators: Konstantin Knust & Mortiz Löwe
Erections & Elusive Landscapes – R.Lipski, I.Schieferstein, O.Hernandez

Wannabe – A Spice Girls Exhibition
Cuba/Kuba – R.Hopf, A.Fux, O.Hernandez
Arte Italiana Berlin – V.Bardazzi, A.Galad, L.Rossi, S.Cersosimo
Saints & Sinners – Curator: Suzy Royal

My Gay Eye – 30 artists from book Main Schedules Auge 2015
FETISH – A.Fux, M.Badasyan, J.Kake, J.W.Ohlert M.Moncayo, R.Salerno
Adornism – Curator: Anto Christ
Around the World in 30 Days – Curator: Carlota Ibanez de Aldecoa
U’N’I Form – Tamboly, Matthijs Holland, Ana Bathe, Julija Goyd and Ivo Hofsté

Wake me up from this Dream – Curator: Suzy Royal
Birth of the Cool – Andreas Fux, Stefanie Schneider, Nicolas Balcazar, Irene Cruz, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Sadie Weis, Ana Bathe, Vincenzo Laera, Michel Lamoller, Winston Torr, Stefano Bosis, Benjamin Martin, Yoh Nagao, Satoshi Hoshi and Gabriel Hermida


Comprehensive archive list of exhibitions, events & concerts


FEB 1 February Blues Opening
JAN 12 Rinaldo Hopf – Untouched
JAN 12 Patrick Bartsch – Oil & Canvas


DEC 15 LR Classic Vibrations Concert
DEC 14 Mon-Puo Lee Cello Recital
NOV 29 Berlin Stories: Jovanny V. Ferreyra
NOV 25 White Love – Season opening
NOV 16 Leonardo Reyna – Reminiscencia
NOV 14 Pop-Up Art Exhibition Opening
OCT 27 Gauchos by Mirella Frangella
OCT 25 Berlin Stories with Mark Reeder
OCT 18 Cuba Inside of a Piano
SEP 30 Trash to Treasure
SEP 16 Berlin Art Week Salon
SEP 7 Hector Vargas – Bismarck
AUG 22 Urban human bearings
AUG 11 Pop-Up Art Exhibition 2
AUG 4 Pop-Up Art Exhibition 1
JUL 26 Arta Jekabsone/Erik Leuthäuser/Matti Klein
JUL 15 Felix Scholz – Solo Show Opening
JUL 7 Wie Aus der Ferne – Otto Oscar Hernandez
JUN 26 Bettina Gawronsky – Solo Exhibition
MAY 26 Rinaldo Hopf – Postcards from L.A
MAY 13 Andreas Schmidt & Atrin Madani Duo
APR 21 Mischa Fanghaenel – Solo exhibition
MAR 31 Giegling @The Ballery
MAR 11 Giulia Efisi Mein Name ist Giulia
MAR 5 Otto Oscar Hernandez – Solo exhibition
MAR 1 The Woman in Me – Vernissage
FEB 8 Roman Lipski – Landschaften aus dem Netz


DEC 23 Korean Christmas Market
DEC 2 Erections/Elusive SpacesLipski, Schieferstein, Hernandez
NOV 16 Iris Schieferstein – Solo Exhibition
SEP 30 Alexandre Haefeli „The Company of Men“
SEP 20 Mexican artists EXHIBITION
SEP 14 Iskandar Widjaja – Precious Refuge
SEP 8 Rex Verboten
AUG 24 Otto O.Hernandez in Performance
AUG 18 Otto Oscar Hernandez – Fragmented Landscapes
AUG 12 Wannabe | 1996 – 2016: A Spice Girls Art Exhibition
AUG 1 WoodFox at the Ballery
JUL 1 Cuba / Kuba Vernissage 01.07
JUN 28 Arte Italiana Berlino
JUN 10 Andrea Gålad – The Ivory Tower
JUN 10 Francesco Cascavilla – ‘Between you and me’
JUN 10 Leonardo Rossi – The Twilight of Berlin
MAY 16 Han-Wen Yu & Itamar Ringel at The Ballery
MAY 6 Valentina Bardazzi – organiche/geometriche
APR 29 Sabatino Cersosimo – “Emotional Accordion”
APR 15 Aritz Kabe Exhibition
MAR 27 Opéra Ivre at The Ballery ‘CRI DE PAIX’
MAR 25 Georg Meyer-Wiel – The Life Studies
MAR 12 Piano solo concert. Sasha Pushkin.
MAR 11 The Ballery SKIN
FEB 12 Saints & Sinners – Curated by Suzy Royal
JAN 18 ALLES MÄRCHEN! in Concert
JAN 8 Eric Lee Johnson – Inhabiting H E I R S P A C E


NOV 27 My Gay Eye / Mein Schwules Auge
NOV 13 Efacts Photography – “In Recent Years”
NOV 4 New Artists Exhibition @The Ballery
OCT 9 Beatriz Crespo – Ubiquity, Transformation Adaptation
OCT 2 Jessica Einaudi is J Moon – vernissage and concert
SEP 25 Corpus Mobile: Federica Dauri, Kiril Bikov
SEP 23 Equinox – The astronomical fall 23rd September
SEP 15 MACROCOSMI @The Ballery
AUG 28 FETISH @The Ballery
AUG 21 Cem Ulug exhibition and Q&A at The Ballery
AUG 7 ADORNISM Exhibition – at The Ballery
JUL 26 “Sounds of the Universe” Juanjo Guillem – ATW30D
JUL 15 Images from the Himalayan Foothills
JUL 3 Around the World in 30 Days – Contemplation
JUN 19 Rinaldo Hopf Solo Exhibition @The Ballery
JUN 5 The Ballery in Heat group exhibition
MAY 15 Russian Contemporary Art Week @The Ballery
MAY 11 Konzert “Von Prinzen, Matrosen und Ingelore”
MAY 8 British Pop-up Art Exhibition @The ballery
MAY 1 The Ballery Weekend
APR 17 Nicolas Balcazar Retrospective
APR 3 Valentina Bardazzi & Moran Sanderovich
APR 1 Rinaldo’s Salon April 1st@The Ballery
MAR 28 J Moon Live concert
MAR 20 Rinaldo Hopf Salon
MAR 12 Anne Clark – WORDS
MAR 6 U’N’I-Form Vernissage @The Ballery
FEB 20 ‘Fading Spirits’ curated by Nina Braunsteiner
FEB 6 Irene Cruz – What Dreams Are Made Of
FEB 1 Vivaldi Senza Fine – The Ballery Berlin
JAN 30 CENSORSHIP – IN CONTEXT – an intimate dialogue with Chris Phillips & Emre Sağlam
JAN 23 NUDE – Season opening @The Ballery January 23rd
JAN 9 Vernissage Mirja Gastald & Dominika Brüwer


DEC 12 The Ballery Winter Art Fair Group Exhibition
NOV 28 Chris Phillips – Berlin Tales @The Ballery
NOV 26 November Artists Group Exhibition
NOV 5 ‘Wake Me From This Dream’ – curator Suzy Royal
OCT 17 Daniele Roccaro Solo Show @The Ballery
OCT 10 Asian Art Week @The Ballery
SEP 6 Birth of the Cool Group Exhibtion