Art salon & atelier

Opened in 2013 by British director & curator Simon Williams, The Ballery has gathered a network of artists coming from all parts of the world. Together with Otto Oscar Hernandez (Bauhaus University & Architecture Faculty Havana), The Ballery presents ideas and visions of its members at home in Schöneberg, Berlin and abroad. Visual arts, dance, music or literature, each medium is an equally important part of a more universal work.


The Ballery curates art exhibitions that feature the works of its members consisting of mostly Berlin based artists and guests who are invited from other countries as part of an exchange.

Concerts & performances

The Ballery offers a platform for its network of directors, musicians and performers. The Ballery also welcomes guests who wish to host their own program. The space offers great acoustic, effective lighting, ample seating and a Yamaha upright piano.

Speak Easy

Every Tuesday 18-22hr The Ballery is open late. Guests from around the world meet and connect in a friendly and easy going social event.

In the salon there are different tables where you can speak different languages. We put a flag of the country that the language is originally coming from on the table, which is a sign that if you decide to stay at this particular table you will be asked to speak the language that rules there. People at a particular table decide on their own about the topic of conversation and also how long they plan to stay there, before they move to another table. The atmosphere is totally relaxed, non-formal and supportive and the people are of all ages and backgrounds. If you know someone who might like to join then please bring them along. See you on Tuesday!

Hire The Ballery

If you would like The Ballery to host your private event or if you would like to curate your own exhibition then get in touch. The Ballery is able to organise everything from gourmet catering, entertainment, performances and activities.