Moonlight Swimmers 2

by Rinaldo Hopf

Moonlight Swimmers 2 by Mathias Vef
Artist: Rinaldo Hopf
Title: Moonlight Swimmers
Year: 2011
Material: Watercolour
Dimension: 32cm x 24cm
Price: € 600 + MwSt 16%

Rinaldo Hopf was born in Freiburg, West Germany on June 30, 1955. He studied Art, Cultural Anthropology and Religious History in Freiburg, West Germany, San Francisco, California and Bremen, West Germany where he graduated (with honors). He worked as a Visual Artist in San Francisco, California and Paris, France (Atelier Dedalo Montali) and as an Art Therapist in Forensic Institutions in San Francisco and West Berlin. He currently lives and works as a Visual Artist, Editor and Curator in Berlin.


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