The Worship of the Mirror Master

by Mari Poller

The Worship of the Mirror Master by Mari Poller
Artist: Mari Poller
Title: The Worship of the Mirror Master / Mirror Master Series I
Material: Acrylic Paint on Foam Panels and Wooden Panel
Dimension: 190cm x 125cm
Price: € 4,800 + MwSt 16%

~ SOLD ~

Mari Poller is a German Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist. She holds an MA in Archeology from the University of Bonn, an MA in Art History from Humboldt University and completed her education with a Master program in Fine Arts at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee/ Academy of Art. She has worked as an Archaeologist across Europe and the Middle East, and as an artist, her work has been presented in galleries and festivals across Europe and the US, including the Galerie des Westens, Festival Miradas de Mujeres, and MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico.

~ SOLD ~

This piece is part of a larger series from 2017 where I was studying the culture of Instagram selfies. Technically, the process begins with working out my design as a digital mosaic using the aesthetic of Minecraft cubes. I then use this map as a blueprint to slowly and painstakingly recreate the image in life.

Mari Poller