Sarah Ring

Originally from Detroit, MI, Sarah Ring has been living in Berlin since 2014. Founding member of Puccini’s Toaster, she is dedicated to bringing quality opera into intimate venues with beer available at all times.

  • Grateful to learn from here in Berlin: Gidon Saks, Stephen Bronk, Caroline Staunton, Matthew Ottenlips, Andrew Crooks, Laura Aikin, Uwe Griem, and Klaus Salmann.
  • Artists I find Inspiring: Renata Tebaldi, Victoria de los Ángeles, Renata Scotto, Eleanor Steber, Rosanna Carteri, Ettore Bastianini, Barbara Hannigan.
  • Books that have influenced me: “My voice and I” Clara Kathleen Rogers, “Philosophy on Singing” Clara Kathleen Rogers, “Singing and the Imagination” Thomas Hemsley.