Art opening by Luke Abby & Carlos Darder
26 September 2020

CONTACT is a one night exhibition of recent works made by new Berlin transplants, photographers Luke Abby & Carlos Darder.

The evening will feature poster prints made from the artists’ first creative collaboration, Falling in Love, a self-published book documenting the first six months of their dating—which quickly sold out worldwide after receiving press by i-D/Vice, Paper, Office, KALTBLUT, Fräulein Magazine, Behind the Blinds, Fucking Young!, and WÜL Magazine, among others.

Other previously unseen works will also be on display.

Please join in and meet Luke Abby and Carlos Darder for this special one-night-only event hosted by The Ballery.

Come make contact.

LUKE ABBY (b. 1992) hails from Kent, England, and first picked up the camera at age 15. After a few years working as a professional set designer in both London and New York, Abby returned to his passion for photography and moving imagery in his early twenties. Abby’s artistic practice is described as both romantic and painterly, featuring subjects within meticulously crafted surreal environments with narrative undertones. Homoerotic motifs coupled with intimate portraits of sensuality and tenderness make up his personal oeuvre. | @lukeabby

ARLOS DARDER (b. 1998) is a photographer from Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Influenced by his mother’s photography, Darder came up with a camera in hand. In his works, Darder’s main intent is to explore daily routine by way of spectacle. Life in representation is thrust through a prism of honesty with a twist, revealing the uncut version of stories usually left untold. | @carlosdarder_