Nicolas Balcazar

Edition of 2

As a preferred stylistic device, Nicolas Balcazar uses primarily double exposure, which gives his work an unreal, slightly melancholy mood. This photo was presented in 2014 under the title “15,000 t” in the studio of the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle. Balcazar experiments with a new technique to alienate the motifs. The photos were taken in the lignite opencast mine Welzow-Süd in Niederlausitz. Balcazar mirrors the images of, for example, the gigantic F60, the world’s largest mobile machine. By doing so he levitates the steel colossus and emphasizes its aesthetic qualities, which in their symmetry are reminiscent of modern architecture. The ambivalence of destructive power and technical perfection of the machines makes the appeal of these new images.
This work which is very limited to an edition of 2 copies is now on display at The Ballery.

Light Study 2
Edition of 3