Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz

Otto Oscar Hernández Ruiz 1976 was born and raised in Havana (CUB). After receiving his diploma in 1999 in Architecture at the University of Havana, he worked in his learned profession until 2002 when he emigrated to Germany. From 2004 Otto studied fine arts with Prof. Liz Bachhuber at the Bauhaus University Weimar. As freelance artist he now lives between Weimar and Berlin.

Otto works within three art mediums: painting, drawing and performance and through this explores the construction and deconstruction of one’s own perception of an environment. His works repeatedly deal with the design of landscape.

The large, polychrome images are evocations of different moods through textures and colours and incorporate complex spatial structure and refer to the contemporary current term of landscape painting.

Hernández Ruiz’ sketches arise in traversing urban spaces. In rapid ductal he records impressions from train windows or the physiognomy of a square. Volatility, mobility and speed are the terms of his drawings. The “Settings” allow new aesthetic additions and new ways to experience, see and express landscapes. The fragmentary or flaneur-like perception is gaining in contour.
In his site-specific performances he articulates on an audio-visual level – always interacting with the audience, music and location.

The concepts associated with Latin American accentuates the biographical fusion of two cultures – Cuba and Germany – and combines art with architecture. The diversity of his oeuvre unfolds in the process-like aesthetics, a unit made up of fragments.