Rinaldo Hopf

Hitlerjunge Quex / Hitlerboy Quex
Ink on German 1930s newsprint
200x 140 cm, 1990

“Hitlerjunge Quex / Hitlerboy Quex” is an ink painting by Rinaldo Hopf.

It is based on a propaganda film with the same title and was painted in 1990 as part of a whole series in which Rinaldo dealt with fascism and resistance in Germany. It is painted on original pages of the vintage art magazine “Die Kunst im Dritten Reich”.


Gebirgsjäger, ink on German 1930s newsprint
200x 140 cm, 1991


16 year, Afghan born Morsal Obeidi lived in Hamburg, Germany with her family of five siblings. She went to high school and dressed as German girls her age, despite family pressure to adapt to more conservative clothing and behavior. Reports indicate that Morsal faced pressure, mistreatment and assaults at the hands of her father and siblings at home. In 2007, her family sent Morsal to Afghanistan for 9 months to be‘re-educated’ about religion and culture and returned to Germany only after she promised ‘to be obedient’.

In May 2008, Morsal was stabbed and beaten to death at a parking lot by her 23 year old brother Ahmed Obeidi in a pre-meditated crime. Ahmed who has a history of criminal violence, asked a cousin to meet Morsal and bring her to a parking lot on the pretense of wanting to “talk to her”. He stabbed his sister 23 times then fled as she died an hour later.

Watercolour on paper
Date: 2008
Size: 200 x 140 cm

Butho dancer 1, ink on ricepaper, 2010