Artist: Rinaldo Hopf

Hitlerjunge Quex / Hitlerboy Quex
Ink on German 1930s newsprint
200x 140 cm, 1990

This painting is based on a propaganda film with the same title and was painted in 1990 as part of a series in which Rinaldo dealt with fascism and resistance in Germany. It is painted on original pages of the vintage art magazine “Die Kunst im Dritten Reich”.

Die Kunst im Dritten Reich was the most important art journal in the period of National Socialism. It appeared monthly from January 1937 until September 1944. It dealt with the contemporary so-called German art and also that of the allied nations. The enormous male nude sculptures of Arno Breker and Josef Thorak were regularly featured. In the architectural part the transformation from Berlin to the world capital Germania was extensively reported.

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