At the Bathhouse, by Andrés Silva Vignoli

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Watercolour on paper
80 x 100 cm
Many male birds have evolved in a way that is disadvantageous for their survival but that provides them with higher chances of reproduction.

The peacock´s long and colorful tail makes him much more vulnerable to tigers than the peahen, the quetzal´s male long green feathers render him particularly attractive to human hunters. In New Guinea, where food is plenty and predators are few, birds of paradise have evolved in the most outstanding shapes and colours and display some of the most elaborate and energy-consuming mating rituals in the animal world. The majority of their time is dedicated to finding someone to mate with. So this work is about gay culture and our, for better or for worse, infatuation with male beauty and sex.

Here depicted: resplendent quetzal, blue peacok, eclectus parrot, golden pheasant, Guianan cock-of-the-rock, great tailed grackle, magnificent frigatebird, mandarin duck, satyr tragopan, himalayan monal, ruff, red junglecock, great curassow, flame bowerbird, mallard, raggiana bird of paradise.