Speak Easy

Speak Easy is a weekly activity that started in March 2013 in a small cafe & bar in Schöneberg. The idea was to bring new people to meet each other who were interested in exchanging languages, especially new people to Berlin who wanted to improve their German. Originally there were two tables, one where people could speak England and the other where people could speak German. The first events attracted around 10 people but as each weekly event passed by, more people started to join in. People wanted to speak other languages too, not only English and German. Italian, French and Spanish tables were added and soon over 100 people were coming each week Soon the venue was unable to accommodate such a lot of people and so the event moved to a more spacious bar in Kreuzberg.

Founder of Speak Easy Simon Williams eventually brought the event back to Schöneberg to its current home when he opened ‘The Ballery’ in Autumn 2014. Since then every Tuesday people from all over the world gather and speak a whole variety of languages. Sometimes Speak Easy is mixed together with art exhibition events and sometimes there is also live music. Many people still come to Speak Easy since 2013 and many are first time guests who come alone or with friends.

At Speak Easy, you will find tables with flags indicating what language is spoken at that table. Conversation is free and the atmosphere is easy going.

When Speak Easy ends at around 10/11pm new groups of friends ofter go on to other bars in the area. Guests come from all across Berlin.

Speak Easy is every Tuesday and starts at 18hr. It is a free event and the venue has a cash bar where you can buy drinks. Speak Easy also can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SpeakEasyBerlin/