Tuesdays Speak Easy

Every Tuesday at Speak Easy we enjoy mixing together our regular guests with a mixture of new friends from around the world.

At Speak Easy is really is easy to meet new people. Many people come alone and or with friends but we will help you to meet new people.

When you come in we will be there to greet you. We will ask you for your name, what your mother tongue is and the languages you would like to speak that evening.

Speak Easy is hosted in ‘The Ballery’ which is located in Schöneberg, the “free thinkers’ part of Berlin. Inside there are different tables where you can speak different languages. We put a flag of the country that the language is originally coming from on the table, which is a sign that if you decide to stay at this particular table you will be asked to speak the language that rules there. People at a particular table decide on their own about the topic of conversation and also how long they plan to stay there, before they move to another table.

The atmosphere is totally relaxed, non-formal and supportive and the people are of all ages and backgrounds. Each week we are between 30-50 people.

If you know someone who might like to join then please bring them along.

See you soon and please share this event with people who might be interested.