Mikey Woodbridge

Mikey Woodbridge is from Stockton, Australia.

He is known professionally as a singer, songwriter, DJ, performance artist and painter.

In his work whether dance, music, video, fashion or visual art, the impulse is to evoke feelings, memories and images to the conscious mind.

Photo by Ansgar Schwarz
LIVESTREAM From The Ballery April 2021
LIVESTREAM from The Ballery February 7th 2021
LIVESTREAM from The Ballery January 17th 2021
Ballery collaboration with The Nent March 2021

Performance for Club Gretchen – Living in a box


LATENT COUTURE is a collection of 555 AI fashion statements generated from photographs of Woodbridge’s years of experience as a performer, painter, designer, and nightlife icon. The opposite of a deepfake, this mode of generative AI reaches into the latent space to find the deepreal. Each image branches from a moment in Woodbridge’s life, articulating ephemeral threads and potential ways of being. Developed from the concept that ‘a look is a meme,’ each of these fashion statements says, ‘This person is possible.’

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Music Videos
Feature for Depeche Mode live tour



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