Mikey Woodbridge


MIKEY. (also sometimes known by their full name Mikey Woodbridge) is an Australian-born songwriter and performer based in Berlin. Both for its music and its iconic nightlife fashions, MIKEY has won a place in a striking array of human hearts whilst traveling into uncharted territories of gender and sexuality.

Their songs invoke unconditional states such as energetic connections, annihilation in love and exploration of hidden dimensions. MIKEY’s is a music of intense longing to be able to connect beyond identity, beyond the body, and beyond fear.

The moment MIKEY steps onto a stage, you feel the energy of the whole room shifting. Once the performance begins it becomes clear as to why. To catch MIKEY live is to transport yourself away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Goosebumps ripple as you embark on a journey to another time and place – LURE.



Latest EP – Tranceformer

I want to try and allow the universe to speak through my vulnerability and intimacy. For now, I’m just continuously trying to strengthen my awareness of the now and stay in the moment. I want to see what the moment is like when I don’t compare it to the memories of my journey.

Mikey Woodbridge

EP – Paths

The concept of “Paths“ is basically one’s journey through life — not just human life but the universal path or journey.

Mikey Woodbridge


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