TeleVisuals from The Ballery Berlin

TransVision started as a livestream show and political cabaret from The Ballery during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the entire world was locked down, we tried to find a way to connect to people at home.

Viruses, conflicts, capitalism, racism, sexism and all the isms. Beyond getting mired in the gloom of it all, we mused, played and gave voice to the politics of the time.

The show’s sketches are performed by a varying cast of repertory and newer cast members. Directed by Simon Williams, with camera by Ansgar Schwarz, TransVision has a mind of its own…

Still in its infant stage, TransVision develops with each episode. Each show is filmed and broadcast live in one continued shot. Until now it has been created with zero budget and with hardly any rehearsals, It all comes together in that one moment.

Johannes Frick & Matt Long – Blue Monday 23 (New Order Cover)

Full Episodes
TransVision 5 – Pride & Prejudice
Shlomi Moto Wagner – Money – No romance without finance
Sarai Cole – Rent (Rehearsal footage)
Cat Jurgravu – Pride always dot com
Amelia Jane Hunter – Mormom Church
Marshall Vincent – Live to Tell
Qeas Pirzad – 18:15
Matt Long & Tilmann Albrecht – Julius Eastman – Evil N
Mikey Woodbridge – Victims
TransVision 8 – Ode to Berlin
Matt Long – Moonlight Sonata
Mikey Woodbridge – Enjoy the Silence
Amelia Jane Huner – Ode to Berlin
Yamil Borges – Opportunities
TransVision 7 – The Land of Confusion
Shlomi Moto Wagner – Land of Sand
Joao Tinen – Walking in the Air
Mikey Woodbridge – Once (Violin – Youka Manuka)
Lucio Vidal – Doll on a music box / Rapunzel
Amelia Jane Hunter – Sexually Aggressive
Demetrios Karamintzas – Oblivion
Matt Long and cast – Land of Confusion
TransVision 7 – December will be Magic Again
Mikey Woodbridge – Experiment IV
The Darvish – I am here
Amelia Jane Hunter – Uma
Qeas Pirzad – Reach out and touch
Chantal Nurse – December will be Magic Again

The lock down series

The first LIVE broadcast was hosted at The Ballery on 9th May, 2020. We streamed each Friday during May lockdown in Berlin. Here we were learning how to do livestream events as well as pulling together our collaborators and ideas.

TransVision 4 – 30th May 2020
Mikey Woodbridge – Species
Shlomi Moto Wagner – Ombra mai fu
Cat Jugravu – Dearly Beloved
Sarah Ring – An die Musik
Demetrios Karamintzas – Oboe
TransVision 2 – 16th May 2020
Dame Leyla – Crazy World & She’s a woman
Marie Charlotte Nouza
Mikey Woodbridge – Spheres
Valerie Renay
Shlomi Moto Wagner
Don Aretino
TransVision 1 – 9th May 2020
Mikey Woodbridge – Tranceformer
Valerie Renay – Cleaning
Lady Gaby – Our Darkness (rehearsal footage)
Atrin Madani
Sadie Weis
Ana Bathe

Fade to Grey – Sandy Warhol & Mikey Woodbridge