Starting with a background in the arts, I have been teaching, coaching and mentoring artists, dancers, musicians and professionals through creative and personal projects for over 25 years. Whether developing self awareness to recognise strengths and challenges or realising the potential of a project, offering solutions to conflicts at work or personal issues which are affecting daily life, I have found that all of these topics are part of everyone’s life no matter who you are.

Through active, engaging and honest 1-2.1 sessions, I focus on channeling your thoughts, feelings and ideas, whether personal or professional, into useful, positive and powerful actions. Together I aim to help you find fresh perspective, digest and acknowledge what is going on in your life, supporting your professional and personal pursuits.

Single coaching & counselling sessions (60 mins) – 70 Euros

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With artwork by Marie Charlotte Nouza

6 week creative coaching program

This is an invitation to everyone who wants to get involved with their creative vision…


Using a mix-methodology incorporating wordplay, colour inquiry, artistic techniques and eclectic references, participants are guided through a 6-week structured personal coaching program.

Hosted at The Ballery, my creative and collaborative studio, I have offered a haven for many who want to connect and be inspired through art. I now extend the opportunity for you to find your outlet here too. 

Week 1  Getting to know myself. Setting your intention through creative visioning.  

Our first session focuses on you! Who you are, why you are here, and what is on your mind. Using a range of creative questions, you are guided through a self-discovery process to focus on how the essence of your creativity might manifest. (60 minutes) 

Week 2 Unpacking your process and digging deeper into creative outlets. 

Focused on how your creative process is manifesting, we explore what comes naturally, where you might be stuck and what other questions might have arisen. Unpacking your process in a structured way reveals new areas for your further development. (60 minutes)

Week 3 Refining your creative process based on your own learning. 

Exploring what is new, uncomfortable, enlightening, rewarding, difficult and motivating. We take a step back from the process and make observations on what is emerging that might have been stifled or unknown. (60 minutes)

Week 4 Bringing it all together in practical ways. 

Your creative process takes shape and starts to reveal its form. Are you hanging something on the wall, turning in a poem or a song, or does it look completely new and different to anything we have ever seen before. In this session, you will be making the decisions for sharing your process. I guide you with technical know-how and finding the right resources. (60 minutes)

Week 5 Sharing your creativity with others.

Here you will have the opportunity to present where you are at in this stage of the process, whether it be exhibiting or publishing works or performing to the public.

Week 6 Reflection and closing 

A final session to reflect and exchange feedback on the process. We will wrap up open questions and use them to guide what might be next for you. (60 minutes)

6 week workshop program – 300 Euros

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