The Ballery

What is on?

The Ballery is closed from 29th May until 5th June – Holiday!

10 June: B-Party – Season ending exhibition and party
16 June: Haute Opera
23 June: Erwin van Hoof – Solo Exhibition
29 September: Rinaldo Hopf – Solo Exhibition ‘Trickster’
24 November: Madonna – ‘Celebration’ group exhibition.

Save the date – All info

Interview with erwin van hoof – LINK
Photo: Óscar González

In the Blue Room

Ballery car park series
Featured artist Mikey Woodbridge

Berlin was about to go into lockdown for winter. Noone knew it would last so long…

December lockdown 2020

Discover The Car Park Series staring artist Mikey Woodbridge, all filmed in one shot in The Ballery car park.

February lockdown 2021
May lockdown 2021
Lunaria is the 4th & final piece of The Lockdown series of videos all filmed in a single shot at the Ballery carpark.
July 2021