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Cats have conquered art history for more than 3500 years and artists have long been obsessed over them. Furry felines have adorned everything from cave walls to canvases. They have been thought to symbolise deities, black magic and dark forces as well as represent comfort and homeliness.

Artists are invited to submit one artwork or a small series on the theme / subject CATS. Exhibition in May 2023 at The Ballery

Please send works to

Deadline: April 1st.

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Ballery car park series
Featured artist Mikey Woodbridge

Berlin was about to go into lockdown for winter. Noone knew it would last so long…

December lockdown 2020

Discover The Car Park Series staring artist Mikey Woodbridge, all filmed in one shot in The Ballery car park.

February lockdown 2021
May lockdown 2021
Lunaria is the 4th & final piece of The Lockdown series of videos all filmed in a single shot at the Ballery carpark.
July 2021