What is on?

The Ballery 

Nollendorfstrasse 11-12, 10777 Berlin
[email protected]

The Ballery, directed by Simon Williams, presents an independent collective of artists and performers who have stepped out of the main stream to follow their own personal path, and whose artistry comes from a keen observation of the world. Consisting of artists coming from all parts of the world, visual arts, dance, music, film, or literature, each medium is an equally important part of a more global work.

The Ballery is available for rent during the month October & November. I would like to have a break for a couple of months and leave Berlin for a bit. I am therefor looking for someone who might like to take over the space for that period. There are more details on The Ballery website, but I am also willing to meet in person and see what is possible. Simon x


For those who are looking for a space to host one-off events such as concerts and gatherings then there are also availabilities between July and September.

Katie Hopkins Live at The Ballery
14th September – Book tickets

An economist by background, Katie Hopkins was sponsored through Exeter University by the Intelligence Corps, graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and signed up to serve her country for 35-years.

Medically discharged due to epilepsy, she continues her fight in the media, reporting from the road. 

Katie has lived her life in the cross hairs. She is banned from South Africa by the ANC; was deported from Australia for criticising lockdown; and, was the target of jihadi plot to behead her. 

She lives utterly without fear, but knows her epitaph: “Katie Hopkins. She died standing up”.