What is on?

The Ballery – Nollendorfstrasse 11-12, 10777 Berlin
[email protected]

General opening times:
Tuesday 13-17hr
Wednesday 18-21hr
Thursday 13-17hr
Friday 18-21hr
Saturday 13-17hr
Appointments at all other times: [email protected]

Curator: Simon Williams 

Opening Thursday 29th February 2024 6-10pm
Closing Friday 22nd March 2024

A group show of Berlin artists who have all responded to the theme Horses.

Featuring multiple art mediums including painting, photography, drawings and sculpture. Horses has been conceived with Pegasus, the flying horse, as a muse and symbol of highflying imagination.

Featuring artists: 
Mary Katharine Tramontana
Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert
Valentina Bardazzi
Richard Kranzin
Rinaldo Hopf
Iris Schieferstein
Andres Silva
Chris Phillips
Giulio Secondo
Hector Vargas
Brandt Parker
Myriam Gross Mall
Shahryar Khorasani
Daniela Finke
Richard Schemmer
Rica Rosa
Riikka Korpela
Helen Nyama Boahen
Guido De Filippo Flocco
Very Ugly Plates
Kyte Tender
Jody Caravaglia 
Niels Kalk

Artist Talk: Thursday 7 March 2024 6pm
“The Male Body in Art: Objectification, Desire and Eroticism”

With Mary Katharine Tramontana (NYT, Esquire) and Chris Phillips (Pornceptual), moderated by art historian/ curator Suzy Royal (GlogauAIR): From Jacob Elordi mania to the Jeremy Allen White ads, men are the sex symbols of the moment. When Western art history is characterised by male artists desiring female bodies, what does it mean to create art which sexualises men’s bodies?

The Ballery presents an independent collective of artists and performers who have stepped out of the main stream to follow their own personal path, and whose artistry comes from a keen observation of the world. Consisting of artists coming from all parts of the world, visual arts, dance, music, film, or literature, each medium is an equally important part of a more global work.

“The Biggest Bitch in Britain” – Live at The Ballery, Berlin.

14th September – Save the date!

An economist by background, Katie Hopkins was sponsored through Exeter University by the Intelligence Corps, graduated from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and signed up to serve her country for 35-years.

Medically discharged due to epilepsy, she continues her fight in the media, reporting from the road. 

Katie has lived her life in the cross hairs. She is banned from South Africa by the ANC; was deported from Australia for criticising lockdown; and, was the target of jihadi plot to behead her. 

She lives utterly without fear, but knows her epitaph: “Katie Hopkins. She died standing up”.