The Ballery

My name is Simon Williams

Since 2014 I have been exploring artistic visions with a rich network of international artists and friends at my art salon, The Ballery, located in Schöneberg, Berlin.

I am looking to discover Zurich based artists for a series of upcoming pop-up exhibitions in Zurich starting in September 2022.

The theme is open and I invite artists of all genres to submit one artwork that they would like to exhibit or as an introduction to their practice or vision. Performance artists are also invited to take part. Please send submissions to

Submissions will be considered on a first come first saved basis. Thank you!


The last Live broadcast was from The Ballery, Monday 11.07 at 20h22
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Car park series Mikey Woodbridge

Berlin is about to go into lockdown for winter. Noone knew it would last so long…

December lockdown 2020

Discover The Car Park Series staring artist Mikey Woodbridge, all filmed in one shot in The Ballery car park.

February lockdown 2021
May lockdown 2021
Lunaria is the 4th & final piece of The Lockdown series of videos all filmed in a single shot at the Ballery carpark.
July 2021