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The Ballery is a gallery and independent art space in the neighborhood of Schöneberg in Berlin. Since opening in 2014, it has aimed to present a balanced cross section of society in a dynamic format that picks up a variety of artistic approaches. The Ballery places a strong focus on presenting perspectives that support diversity and equality within the community.

3 July - 31 August 2019

There are no Homosexuals in Iran - Laurence Rasti

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Artist collective Human IEU presents FLUID - Opening

7pm - 10pm

The Ballery

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Artist collective Human IEU presents FLUID - Opening


Following a successful run at the Espacio Gallery in east London, UK-based arts collective Human IEU is bringing its latest group show, FLUID, to The Ballery in Berlin. 

The show brings together seven artists working in diverse media. The work they’ve created in response to the theme challenges, provokes and dynamically engages the viewer in a collection that incorporates drawing, painting, video, sculpture, photography and performance. 

Each artist’s take on the FLUID theme is unique - to some it conjures work exploring sexuality and desire, to others it suggests a process and a medium in which to work. Remembering that the human body is 60% water, we’re asking the viewer to think about the importance of fluid to the human experience. 


Jonathan Armour, Brian Dennis, Brother Kwan, Graeme Messer, Georg Meyer-Wiel, Joao Trindade, Francisco Gomez De Villaboa. 

7pm - 10pm

The Ballery

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