Current and upcoming exhibitions

Mikey Woodbridge IRL

IRL is a sharing of a new series of artworks by artist Mikey Woodbridge. Mikey is in the process of creating a new body of work that dances between human & artificial intelligence & digital identity.

The works on display will exist as NFT’s and as parts of a video installation that will later be defragmented into a collection of IRL & digital artworks.

Opening 16.09.22 18-21hr
Last day: 08.10.22
Private viewings available

Rinaldo Hopf – Who Killed Pasolini
Opening: Friday 14th October – 6-9pm
Closing: Saturday 22nd October

Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered on the night of November 1–2, 1975, in a dirt field by Via dell’Idroscalo, near Ostia, outside Rome. He was beaten with a wooden plank and then run over by his own car, his heart crushed.
The death of acclaimed Italian film director, poet, journalist and intellectual Pier Paolo Pasolini has been shrouded in mystery for over 40 years

Police at first arrested a young male prostitute, but he was released for lack of evidence. Soon after, a search was launched for three men who reportedly opposed Pasolini’s leftist and libertine views, but they were never found. In 2005, police reopened the case after some evidence emerged that Pasolini may have been involved in an extortion scheme. But the case remains a mystery.

Pasolini, who was 53 when he died, was a protagonist in the neorealism movement in Italian cinema as well as in poetry, theater and art.

He won top awards in Berlin in back-to-back years with jury prize winner The Decameron in 1971 and Golden Bear winner The Canterbury Tales the following year.

Ballery artist, and queer art legend, Rinaldo Hopf has been a fan of Pasolini for many years. Most recently Rinaldo premiered a solo show of works based on Pasolini in the village of his new Italian home in Casoli / Tuscany. During this time Rinaldo’s work was also featured as the the main image for a newly restored documentary on Pasolini: “A Filmmaker’s Journey”. This new documentary will be shown together with a large collection of Pasolini inspired paintings by Hopf at The Ballery on October 14th.

A recent interview with Rinaldo Hopf

Hello Rinaldo. I am excited to know more about your new exhibition in Italy on the subject of Pier Paolo Pasolini.

I bought a house with my partner Fox in an artist village on the Tuscan coast in Italy. In the 60s the famous American photographer Will McBride purchased a farm house there which developed into a creative center for adventurous young people who came and visited. In the 70s the Italian artist Murabito and his American wife Grace moved into a large villa which is now used for exhibitions and cultural events. People in the village like artists and want to revive the golden days of this past. I was invited to make an exhibition at the villa. Pasolini is one of my favourite gay art hero’s, this year marks his centenary, and he is regarded by many Italians as the most important cultural figure of the 20th century in Italy. So it seemed natural to make an exhibition that‘s an homage to him.

When did you start creating works around Pier Paolo Pasolini?

I first painted a large portrait of him for my 1991 series „10 Gays of the Twentieth Century“, inspired by Andy Warhol. In 2015 I painted a series of watercolours based on film stills from his movies, like Teorema, Salo, The Gospel according to Saint Matthew.

What was it that attracted you to Pasolini in the first place and what is it about him that continues to fascinate you?

First came his films. As a teenager I went to see his scandalous films when they were first shown in German cinemas: Decamerone, 1000 and one Nights, Canterbury Tales, and finally Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom.
Later I read some of his books and several biographies about his life.
As a gay man and artist with a fascination for Italy I always felt very inspired by his unapologetic and uncompromising art and life. I love that he was a rebel and a visionary, a man of many contradictions – and was successful with this. He was either loved or hated. Which of course eventually led to his violent death in 1975, unresolved until this day.

Have you talked to people in Italy about Pasolini? And if so how do local people associate with his and his work?

Many people who came to my exhibition were enthusiastic about Pasolini and also about my show. They seemed really happy that a foreigner like me would make an homage to him. I was amazed how many recognised the actors and the films (from which I had taken the stills). The people who came to the show regarded him as a hero.

If you would continue exploring the world of Pasolini, what would you focus on next?

I am fascinated by his contradictions, this is where I can see myself and my explorations of spirituality and sexuality, history and utopia, past and future and us in between. Like him I love the simple and basic country life in nature, and at the same time I am a big city guy. I love the stories and sharp observations.

Lastly can you tell me about the new film which uses your artwork as the main artwork for the cover?

„A Filmmaker’s Journey“ is a 30 minute documentary made in 1971 by a close friend and collaborator of Pasolini. It’s a rather raw and deeply personal film which makes it so touching. The film was lost and after 40 years found in a garage in very poor condition. It was recently restored in California and officially released this august in the US. It was the European premiere at my exhibition in Casoli.

Group show featuring artists whom have been an important part of The Ballery story over the last 8 years.
Opening 28 October 18-22hr
Closing 19 November 18hr

Past Exhibitions
Selected Artists

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Marie Charlotte Nouza – Solo Show
M.O.N.O – Mikey Woodbridge


Contact: Art Opening by Luke Abby and Carlos Darder
Pride & Prejudice
Robert B, Mari Poller, Luna Nother, *Swen Marcel, Don Aretino, Ana Bathe, Rinaldo Hopf
From Russians with Love
*Oleg Dou, Katerina Belkina, Slava Mogutin, Fedya Ili, Igor Skaletsky, Kristina Okan, Sergej Ehses, Viktoria Tchibor
Marcel Nenninger – Transistoriness Solo Exhibition
Igor Skaletsky – Solo Exhibition


Pleasure Park Launch Matt Lambert
Andreas Fux – Witness – Solo Exhibition
Humpelfuchs – Solo Exhibition
Mein schwules Auge / My Gay Eye
Curator: Rinaldo Hopf & Fedya Ili
Aaron Moth, Alexander von Agoston, Andreas Fux, Aron Neubert, Bruce LaBruce, Carsten Milbrett, Chris Phillips /PORNCEPTUAL, Christian Guhl, Daniel M. Schmude, Dirk Lang, EVA & ADELE, Fedya Ili, Florian Hetz, Hans van der Veen, Helmut Röttgen, Henning von Berg, Jürgen Baldiga, Jürgen Wittdorf, Kai Teichert, Lars Theuerkauff, Martin E. Kautter, Martin von Ostrowski, Matthias Bade, Murat Önen, Rainer Fetting, Rinaldo Hopf, Robert B., Rory Midhani, Slava Mogutin, Stefan Thiel, Suzanne Forbes, Yu-Liang Liu
Bruce Sargeant – Solo Exhibition
Naked Moscow – Fedya Ili – Solo Exhibition


Badluck – Jan Q. Maschinski
Neonatal by Sadie Weis
Artists in Resonance
Tom of Finland, Rinaldo Hopf, Sadie Weis, Julja Goyd, Otto Oscar Hernandez, Alexandre Haefeli, Naomi Takaki, Hector Vargas, Nicolas Balcazar, Jan Q.Maschinski, Vacon Sartirani, Steven Kohlstock, Romulo, Ingo Raabe, Chris Phillips
Neonatal by Sadie Weis
Geschmackssache – A Matter of Taste – WÄLDERHAUS Hamburg
Joseph Marr, Monica Carvalho, Grigori Dor, Rachel Israela, Moritz Löwe, Jan Q. Maschinski, Benno Lehmann, Carsten Brügmann, Martin Hablesreiter & Sonja Stummerer.
*Artist: Jan Q. Maschinski
Corpus Delicti
Curator: Nadine Dinter
Sonia Szóstak, Steven Kohlstock, Simon Lohmeyer
Untitled (P. 674) by Tom of Finland
My Gay Eye – Tom of Finland Special
Curator: Rinaldo Hopf
Tom of Finland, The Hun, Rick Castro, Johnny Alexandre Abbate, Yu-liang Liu, Sven Oliver Aries, Domino, Gorilla, Link, Minoru, Nigel Ken, Patrick Lee, Norman Deigan, Michael Kirwan, Palanca, Stuart Sandford, Greg Day, Florian Hetz, Henning von Berg, Rinaldo Hopf
*Untitled (P. 674) by Tom of Finland
Funky Nature
Curated by Simon Williams and Britta (Helbig) Adler
Anne Michaux, Ann Schomburg, Arno Bojak, GODsDOGs, Grigori Dor, Jan Quirin Maschinsko, Katrin Kampmann, Konstantin Dery, Miriam Lenk, Monica Carvalho, Richard Rabensaat
*Artist: Miriam Link
Pop-Up Exhibition
Florian Hetz, Grigori Dor, Ingo Raabe, Jillian May, Mariasole Nervegna, Monica Carvalho, Paul Burn, Rick Burger, Stefan Graef
*Artiist: Rick Burger
ANNA KONDA – a portrait of a Berlin women’s fight club – Solo Exhibition
Katarzyna Mazur
I Book You
Curator: Constanze Metzel
Beate Engl, Franka Kaßner, Hammann Von Mier, Hisashi Yamamoto, Ieva Jakušonoka, Ivo Rick, Katarzyna Mazur, Nicola Arthen, Nicolas Balcazar, Stefan Schilling
Alana Richards – Morphium: Hallucinations of a Kabarett – Solo Exhibition
Otto Oscar Hernandez, Thibaut Henz, Frauke Klinker, Holger Wilkens, Karl Gottfried König, Lisa Glauer, Moritz Löwe, Rachel Israela & Christian Starz
Trash to Treasure – WÄLDERHAUS Hamburg
Søren Drastrup, Naomi Takaki, Babette Woltemath, Olivia Descampe, Oscar Romulo Hernandez


Sadie Weis, Rinaldo Hopf, Kiril Bikov, Nicolas Balcazar, Fedya Ili, Olivia Descampe, Andrea Galad, Otto Oscar Hernandez, Søren Drastrup, Lisa Glauer, Mischa Fanghaenel, Mirella Frangella, Valentina Bardazzi, Magpieartcollective, Naomi Takaki, Daniele Roccaro, Chris Phillips, Lena Ader, Jill Tegan Doherty, Kevin Gray, Johnny Abbate
Gauchos – Mirella Frangella – Solo Exhibition
Trash to Treasure
Magpie Art Collective, Søren Drastrup, Mark Reeder, Frauke Linker, Naomi Takaki, Chris Phillips, Olivia Descampe, Otto Oscar Hernández, Oscar Rómulo Hernández Cabrera
Hector Vargas – Bismarck – Solo Exhibition
Urban human bearings
Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholt, Anette Andersen
Rinaldo Hopf – Postcards from L.A – Solo Exhibition
Mischa Fanghaenel – Solo Exhibition
Giegling @The Ballery
Curator: Otto Oscar Hernandez
The Woman in Me – Vernissage
Katarzyna Mazur, Ana Bathe, El Bocho, Lola Rossi, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Nelson Santos, Lisa Glauer, Roman Lipski, Selin Davasse, Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz, Dragana Gavrilovic, Mikey Woodbridge
*Artist: El Bocho
Roman Lipski – Landschaften aus dem Netz – Solo Exhibition


Iris Schieferstein – Solo Exhibition
Alexandre Haefeli „The Company of Men“ – Solo Exhibition
Mexican artists Art exhibition “The Ballery goes Mexican”
Alejandro Collignon, Almendra López, Arturo Tlapale, Bernardo Aldana, Bianca Monroy, Carlos Gutiérrez, Claudia García Peña, Dafne Jaramillo, Daniel Bravo, Erik Bachtold, Estela Jaime, Estela Uribe, Gabriel Hermida, Gabriela Naumann, Georgina Rodríguez, Guillermo Aguilar-Huerta, Jennifer Jennsel, Jorge Molgora, Liz Soto Rivas, Luis Alberto Sotelo, Maribel Avilés, Oscar Castillo, Oscar Bächtold, Palmira Ortiz, Rosaana Velasco, Rubén Santos, Silvia Bihouet, Silvia Juárez, Vanessa Farfán, Victor Mora, Willy Büssy, Xóchitl de Urban, Yanira Masich
Rex Verboten – Erste deutsche Ausstellung einer Legende – Solo Exhibition
Curator: Nadir Catalano
Taylor Bryn Hultquist, Federica Masini, Chipi, Juan Sanchez Porta, Rory Midhani, León Allez, Zid Visions, Milan Brinker, Sally Cellophane, Felix Abel, Jose Vigers, Michele Santomarco, Francesca Tambussi + Alexandra Ruppert, Dieu-Mi Hoang, Paco Ruiz + Casper Van Westhausen, Matteo Colombo, Vincenzo Arena, Silvia Asunis
Cuba / Kuba
Rinaldo Hopf, Otto Oscar Hernandez Ruiz, Andreas Fux, Oscar Rómulo Hernández*
Georg Meyer-Wiel – The Life Studies – Solo Exhibition
Sadie Weis, Valentina Bardazzi, Beatriz Crespo, Lucy Schmidt, Georg Meyer Wiel, Ana Bathe, Katerina Belkina, Mari Uruta, Ruby McCoy, Brandt Parker, Nicolas Balcazar, Winston Torr, Cem Ulug, Roey Heifetz, Nathan French, Rinaldo Hopf, Sabatino Cersosimo, Tamboly, Grzegorz Bibro, Ivan Prieto, Sven Serkis, Chris Phillips, Lavender Wolf, Kiril Bikov, Vincenzo Laera, Dale Grant, Daniel Marcel Schmude, Sterling, Daniele Roccaro, Fedya Lli, Frank Lassak, Slava Mogutin, Khaled Haider, Juan Varela, Andrea Galad, Michal Andrysiak, Moran Sanderovich*
Saints & Sinners – Curated by Suzy Royal
Michal Andrysiak, Kiril Bikov, Thodoros Brouskomatis, Andrea Galad, Hector de Gregorio, Stanka Koleva, Aaron McElroy, Lucio Palmieri, Leonardo Julian Rossi, Eni Steinhausen
Rinaldo Hopf – Films of my youth Solo Exhibition
Eric Lee Johnson – Inhabiting H E I R S P A C E – Solo Exhibition


My Gay Eye / Mein Schwules Auge
Slava Mogutin, Robert W Richards, Andreas Fux, Stefan Thiel, Affricanezz, Andrea Galad, Ben Montaser, Chris Phillips, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, David Trullo, Dirk Lang, Etienne Zerah, Fedya Ili, Giovanbattista Brambilla, Ismael DeLarge, Jaap DeJonge, Jack Balas, Jan Simurda, Jens Schommer, Johnny Abbate, Karl Lakolak, Kiril Bikov, Luca Jacob Cogas, Marcel Steger, Martin Walter, Mon Graffitto, Nigel Grimmer, Rinaldo Hopf, Rob Jurka, Spunk Seipel, Stefan Merkt, Tony Whitfield, Vittorio Zambardi
Artist: Affricanezz*
Berlin Artists Exhibition at The Ballery
Cem Ulug, Dominik Fraßmann, Androniki Chila, Sadie Weis, Valentina Bardazzi, Nicolas Balcazar, Ana Bathe, Andreas Fux, Jon Mármol, Khaled Haider, Emma Jacobs, Rosario Salerno*
New Artists Exhibition
Roey Heifetz, Stefan Merkt, Fatih Alasalvaroglu, Khaled Haider, Paride Mirabilio
Neal James, Guille Chipironet, Jon Mármol
Beatriz Crespo Solo Exhibition – Ubiquity, Transformation Adaptation
Equinox – The astronomical fall 23rd September
Brandt Parker, Sadie Weis, Margarita Morales, Patrick Henne, Jill Tegan Doherty, Valentina Bardazzi, Sabatino Cersosimo, Dale Grant, Julija Goyd, Ana Bathe, Annalu, Winston Torr, Stefano Bosis, Rosario Salerno
Artist: Julija Goyd
Veronica Montanino, Annalù, Omar Ludo, Tiziana Cera Rosco
Andreas Fux, Mischa Badasyan, Joe Kake, *Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Manuel Moncayo, Ivo Hofsté, Ben Montaser, Rosario Salerno, Philipp von Ostau
Cem Ulug solo exhibition
Anto Christ, Rubbish Fairy, Daria Marchik, Holly-Anne Buck, Nathan French, Hellza Haus, Atlas Mapps, Frau Feeger, Jose Vigers, Casio Ono, Ana Bathe, Winston Torr, Lena Braun, Ivan Prieto
Around The World In 30 Days
Stainer Chindebvu, Younousse Tamekloe, Beatriz Crespo, Luis Alhama, Iván Prieto, Pilar Alonso, Fátima Montero, Taher Mhamdi, Ameni Fahket, David Benforado, Grigoris Myrgiotis, Remy Uno, Matthijs Holland, Dale Grant, Mirella Frangella., Anna Redko, Maria Redko, Dmitry Buldakov, Mirovlad Palachich, Shapavalau Dzmitry, Vadim Sidorchyk, Volha Pushkarova, Shcharbach Yauhen, Kiril Bikov, Stanka Koleva, Moran Sanderovich, Alhan Jeries Ashqar, Klaudia Krynicka, Chandra Shekhar Karki, Aishu Mathema, Deepak Tolange, Daniel Lavoie, Vitaly Medvedovsky, Catherine Genest, Erik Nieminen, Ana Bathe, Sadie Weis, Winston Torr, Daniel Carrillo Garcia, Guillermo Aguilar, Monica Levy, Andreas Tesch, On Lui, Guilherme Galarraga, Jae-hong Ahn, Yasuhiro Cúze, Kelly Jang, Chanmin Jeong, Geunjeong Kim, Luli Lee, Yoh Nagao, Jung-ah Oh, ÜRIKMÄD (Yurika Yamada), Snowy Chan Suet Yi, KUNSTMAL (Jeonguk Kim, Kyooseok Lee)
Rinaldo Hopf Solo Exhibition
The Ballery in Heat
Stefanie Schneider*, Rinaldo Hopf, Lars Theuerkauff, Yoh Nagao, Sadie Weis, Matthijs Holland, Manuel Moncayo, Valentina Bardazzi, Rosario Salerno, Chris Phillips, Kiril Bikov, Sabatino Cersosimo, Nicolas Balcazar, Stefano Bosis, Winston Torr, Uzzo Lino
Russian Contemporary Art Week @The Ballery
Curator: Julia Tet
Nicolas Balcazar Retrospective – Solo Exhibition
Valentina Bardazzi & Moran Sanderovich – Parallel Sensations
Fading Spirits
Curator: Nina Braunsteiner
Rebecca Brodskis, Stanka Koleva
Irene Cruz – What Dreams Are Made Of
Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Martina Minette Dreier, Sabatino Cersosimo, Moran Sanderovich*, Dina Schweiger, Valentina Bardazzi, Manuel Moncayo, Lars Theuerkauff, Nicolas Balcazar, Andrea Tavolaro, Johnny Abbate, Mirco Magnani, Stefano Bosis, Juan Arteaga, Chris Phillips, Winston Torr, Julija Goyd, Nicholé Velásquez, Kiril Bikov.


The Ballery Winter Art Fair
Frank Lassak, Rinaldo Hopf, Kiril Bikov, Moran Sanderovich, Ana Bathe, Stefano Bosis, Sadie Weis, Jade MacEwan, Rosario Salerno, Valentina Bardazzi, Keith Telfeyan, Uruta Mari, Manuel Moncayo, Nicolas Balcazar, Winston Torr, Daniele Roccaro, Lena Braun, Beatriz Crespo, Johnny Alexandre Abbate, Kjello Torgård
Chris Phillips – Berlin Tales Solo Exhibition
New Artists November @The Ballery
Rinaldo Hopf, Lena Braun, Johnny Alexandre Abbate, Manuel Moncayo, Adar Aviam, Stephan White aka Artboydancing, Beatriz Crespo, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Nicholé Velásquez, Vincenzo Guarnera, Matteo Avanzi, Daniel Marcel Schmude-Sterling
Suzy Royal Guest Curator
Valentina Bardazzi, Kiril Bikov, Amit Elan, Guilherme Galarraga, Dan Kane, Marcus Roessler, Eni Steinhausen
Daniele Roccaro Solo Show @The Ballery
Asian Art Week @The Ballery
Yoh Nagao, Satoshi Hoshi, Keiichiro Nakao, ÜRIKMÄD, Michiyasu Furutani, Isaac Chong, Laura Fong Prosper, Aya Imamura, Yasuhiro Cúze, Kyoung Yeon Jang, Winston Torr, Zandong Li, Suet Yi Chan, Uruta Mari, Zubin Zainal, Bon Parinya Wongwannawat, Toshihiro Kozuma
*Artist: Zandong Li
Birth of the Cool – Gallery Opening
Nicolas Balcazar, Andreas Fux, Chris Phillips, Vincenzo Laera, Stefanie Schneider, Ana Bathe, Irene Cruz, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, Michel Lamoller, Ute Rathmann, Winston Torr, Stefano Bosis, Sadie Weis, Yoh Nagao, Satoshi Hoshi, Benjamin Martin
*Artist: Chris Phillips