Rent Art Space

Rent Art Space
100 Square meters in the heart of Schöneberg, Berlin

The Ballery

Who can rent the art space?
Artists and gallery owners are very welcome. If you are interested please send your request to the gallery. It is best to send an overview of your works or, if available, a website to get an insight into your artistic work. We will then contact you and arrange a personal appointment in person or online.

Rental period and price
The gallery can be rented from 1 to 4 weeks. Depending on the month and availability, special offers are also possible. The rental price is 1500.00 EURO (+MwSt 19%) for one week, 2500.00 EURO (+MwSt 19%) for 2 weeks, for a longer period by arrangement. Cancellations and postponements are subject to a fee.

The rental price includes the following services
Publication on The Ballery website with text and images
Publication on The Ballery social media such as Instagram, Facebook.

Bookable services to optimally support your exhibition:
Presence time of the gallery owner as desired by the artist (daily flat rate)
Sale of the works by the gallery owner will be charged by arrangement
For out of town curators and artists, an apartment located 400m away from The Ballery is available for rent at a fee of 500 Euro per week
Pianist for your reception (flat rate)
Bar staff and reception drinks service (flat rate)

Check in / Check out
Tuesday is changeover day. In the morning the gallery is professionally cleaned between 7.30h-10.00h. By then the gallery should have been cleared. Ideally, you clear out on Monday evening by 7pm. From 10:00 – 12:00 on the Tuesday, the next tenant can move in.

The basic equipment includes 2 long tables, 25 chairs, 1 sofa, 2 bistro tables, glasses, cups, refrigerator, bar, toilet, tools, music system, grand piano. A detailed list will be given at the beginning of the exhibition.

The insurance of the art objects is also the responsibility of the tenant. Liability on the part of the gallery owners is hereby excluded.

Are you interested in renting our art space for a specific period of time?
Call or email if you would like to make an enquiry.
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