Marie-Charlotte Nouza

Marie-Charlotte Nouza addresses a huge range of topics through her expansive body of work. From complex topics such as feminism, gender identity, sexuality, mental health and death right down to the mundanity of everyday life. Marie-Charlotte’s flow of inspiration is organic, cited usually from a combination of her environment, her relationships, her personal experiences and history.

Irrespective of the topic Marie-Charlotte focuses heavily on capturing the most ‘true to life’ elements of her subjects; be it loved ones, acquaintances or complete strangers.

With a background in painting restoration, Marie-Charlotte developed a huge appreciation for classical paintings, with this role not only was she able to develop a pristine technique which allowed her to replicate old paintings. Allusions to this period of her career are very much evident in her work. It was when Marie-Charlotte attended École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts that her work took a more contemporary approach.

The sourcing of photographic references lays an important foundation for Marie-Charlotte’s body of work. Whether sourced from the internet, old postcards or taken herself Marie-Charlotte mindfully studies her subjects; their facial expressions, their personalities, their self-portrayal and personal history, capturing an in-depth snapshot of these findings.

Marie-Charlotte’s painting technique and use of colour is often an embodiment of the painting’s theme/mood, this can be as obvious as a general feeling of the topic or as implicit as her own emotional response to the theme or subject. Marie-Charlotte’s work employs a free and unrestricted painting technique upholding the mantra of embracing imperfection. Her paint is allowed the freedom to lay on the piece as it so pleases.

Marie-Charlotte invites her audience to connect with her themes and her subjects, often encouraging them to form their own interpretations and responses. Her use of larger-scale pieces encourages a more immersive experience.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2021 –  Children of the night curated by Suzy Royal. Gisela. Berlin. GERMANY

  • 2020 –  Privacy Please in duo with Julia Gröning curated by Suzy Royal. Andreas Reinsch Projekt. Berlin. GERMANY

  • 2016 – Establishment of sex. Gallery Purple. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2014 – Double. Paul Valéry. Montpellier. FRANCE
  • 2012 – Corpus. Gallery ESBAMA. Montpellier. FRANCE

Group Exhibitions

  • 2019 – Postcard Perspective. Artspace at untitled. Oklahoma city. USA
  • 2019 – Metamorphosis. Lavision Art Gallery. Istanbul. TURKEY
  • 2019 – Pop-up. The Ballery. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2019 – Die Lange Nacht der Bilder. IDstudio. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2019 – In//between #4. Green Hill Gallery. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2019 – Brandenburg Berlin International. Rechenzentrum. Potsdam. GERMANY
  • 2018 – 50 under 50. Studio Baustelle. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2018 – Weaving visions of R*Evolution. Kulturbotschaft. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2018 – Open studio. IDstudio. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2018 – Die Lange Nacht der Bilder. IDstudio. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2018 – Come as you are. St Georg. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2014 – Anonyme Zeichner. Pavillon am Milchhof. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2012 – Sirens of the Caspian. Festival l’O.R.A.G.E 2ème édition. Montpellier. FRANCE
  • 2012 – Buzz 3. Galerie APERTO. Montpellier. FRANCE
  • 2012 – He is watching you. Gallery schwarzekatze\weisserkater. Berlin. GERMANY
  • 2011 – Young Girls. Festival l’O.R.A.G.E. Montpellier. FRANCE


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