Cat Jugravu

Cat Jugravu aka Cher Nobyl is a genderqueer performance artist and theatre maker born in 1991 in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania. They studied acting at The National University of Theatre and Film I.L.Caragiale in Bucharest and furthered their studies in theatre making at the Athanor Akademie in Bayern, Germany.

They are living in Berlin since 2015, acting in and directing independent theatre projects such as HEDDA (2015), The Maids (2016), Gruesome Manifesto with Cher Nobyl (2018), The Force of Cher Nobyl (2019). Since 2018, they are the co-founder and artistic director of Queerdos Ensemble . Their creative process is currently focused on initiating discourses and dialogues in the frame of LGBTQI+ narratives by challenging gender binaries and exposing the social coercion at the base of the performative nature of identity through performances that mirror social or political misconduct. Subjects such as abuse, trans and homophobia, racism, and xenophobia are often addressed in their work.

Cat has worked with Volksbühne Berlin, The English Theatre, Kantine Berghain and this year, they have started their collaboration with the Akademie der Autodidakten at Ballhaus Naunystrasse.

My work is a reflective and reflexive search for authenticity. it is biographic and transformative, expressed in an array of methods and performative aesthetics – noticing patterns and asking how one’s own world view, values, ideology and biases create the social reality. it is based in theatre, dance, performance art, drag and is always queer.

Cat Jugavru