Julija Goyd

Julija Goyd was born 1979 in Vilnius, Lithuania. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

After her graduation in economics Julija has been working as a financial manager during 2003-2006. In 2006 she switched to the domains of advertisement and fashion, where she met Lithuanian film directors¬†Ignas Jonynas¬†and¬†Valdas Navasaitis. She worked with both as an actress in their movies¬†Dancing Worm¬†(2006) and¬†Perpetuum Mobile¬†(2008) and was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role during 2008 Lithuanian Film Awards “Sidabrinńó Gervńó Award”. In 2010 she expanded her career into the world of fine arts: starting with photography and video and pursuing this ever since. ¬†

Her photography work was featured in the book¬†The Naked & The Nude¬†curated by¬†Peter Weiermair¬†and published in 2013 by¬†Stockmal and Martel. The book is an anthology of international nude photography, which features works by some of contemporary art’s best-known names like¬†Wolfgang Tillmanns,¬†Nobuyoshi Araki, Ralph Gibson, Vanessa Beecroft¬†and¬†Jeff Bark. Following the success of the first book, Peter Weiermair curated another edition titled¬†Faces¬†(2015) and Julija’s photographs were featured for a second time alongside¬†works by¬†Robert Mapplethorpe, Juergen Teller, Anton Corbijn, Antoine D’Agata¬†and¬†Pieter Hugo.

One of her major film projects, a documentary about the research institute Rework, was successfully premiered in Berlin during The Long Night of Sciences (2013).

In 2016 she started a collaboration with¬†&editions¬† – a non-profit initiative supporting both art institutions and artists. That is the first project of this kind covering the Baltic region. As a result Julija’s work has been showcased during¬†Printed Matter’s LA Art book Fair¬†(2017),¬†Offprint London¬†at¬†Tate Modern¬†(2017),¬†Printed Matter’s NY Art book Fair¬†at¬†MoMAPS1¬†(2017) and¬†Offprint Paris¬†at¬†Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts¬†(2018).

Her video work¬†“Decadentia”¬†was programmed as part of¬†Art Biennale Glasgow International 2018.

In 2020, Julija’s work was included in the list of best emerging European photographers, selected by GUP Magazine.

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