El Divo

by Tomás Eyzaguirre

El Divo by Tomás Eyzaguirre
Artist: Tomás Eyzaguirre
Title: El Divo
Series: Arcanos mayores
Material: Printed on silk chiffon
Dimension: 130cm x 180cm
Price: € 900 + MwSt 16%

Emerging from the fashion industry, Tomás explores the exacerbation of identity using clothing, light, and make-up to bring out the truer self of the characters. His ‘arcanos mayores’ are people who are able to channel their own cosmic energy into the bare setting provided to them.

‘Arcanos mayores’ (Spanish for ‘major arcana’) is an ongoing series of portraits of performatic characters that are not necessarily performers per se. This image is one of the 22 produced so far and it is interpreted by Nia de Indias, who creates outstanding outfits using trash. Nia works with masks, interpreting them not as a way of hiding but as a way of standing out even more, and plays with the ambiguity of perception in the viewer. For these reasons his arcano mayor is ‘El divo’ (spanish for ‘The Star’ but also ‘The Diva’).


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