by Swen Marcel

Pride by Swen Marcel
Pride by Swen Marcel
Title: Pride
Edition: 1 of 5
Artist: Swen Marcel
Material: Dibond print / comic illustration
Dimensions: 120cm x 40cm
Price: € 400 + 16% MwSt

Even as a child, no sheet of paper and no vacancy in my exercise books was safe from me. Every free space was used to provide them with though-out comic characters and cartoons. Even today it still itches my fingers every time I see a sheet of paper in front of me. So it was just logical that I turned my hobby into my profession and thus found my calling.

I have been working as a freelance comic artist and illustrator since 1997 and I am happy every day when I can sit in my desk to allow colourful comic worlds to emerge in front of me. I love inventing cartoon characters and stories and the challenge of realizing my customers’s wishes according to their ideas. And every time I am amazed at what can arise out of nowhere on a white sheet of paper with imagination, imagination and the necessary craftsmanship.

Swen Marcel


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