Amelia Jane Hunter

Originally from Australia, Amelia now lives and loves in the land of bone structure, broad shoulders and smouldering eye contact; Berlin.

Touring the expansive girth of both Hemispheres; finding and funding per-verted love, true crime and culinary frights, Amelia is an unstoppable adven-turer.

Riveting, ribald and completely uncensored, Amelia is a trained actress and experienced stand-up comedian with solo shows that have earned her top accolades and comedy awards worldwide.

A powerful storyteller with a penchant for the theatrical, unafraid to pepper the air blue, Amelia Jane Hunter is the carnival ride that should have been closed down the day Michael Jacksons’ hair caught fire.

Producer and host of Berlin’s monthly storytelling show, Stories with Spine, and regular performer across Europe, Amelia is on a quest towards radical inclusion, kindness and finding the perfect sausage condiment.

Amelia Jane Hunter

What, after all, can a highly intelligent woman who hasn’t got herself married off with children by her forties, say for herself? Well, a life of adventure in the dungeons of Berlin seems a very fine alternative for me.

NZ Theatre Review

Raw, outrageous, completely unapologetic and enthralling to watch.

UK Comedy Guide

She is a brilliant tour de force of laughter filled mischievous comedy.

Time Out UK

On stage she is a force of nature: aggressive, confident, in your face and opinionated. She prowls the stage like a caged animal as she tells her tales of a world that restricts such a free spirit. It’s wonderful to witness her storytelling in person: Describing the scene in deep detail and using poetic language so that all are rapt, only for her to floor us with a hysterical and biting comment as a punchline. It’s akin to snarky foot- notes scrawled in the margins of a classy novella.

Squirrel Comedy Australia

An incredible talent, bold and daring.

3 Weeks, Edinburgh

Watch Amelia on TransVision 5

Amelia Jane Hunter took part in The Ballery’s online-only broadcast, TransVision’s 5th episode. Watch her monologue as part of the show below or learn more about TransVision.