Pride & Prejudice

25 July ~ 29 July 2020

Pride & Prejudice is a series of events that brings together a diverse community during Berlins “pride” week. During the two weeks it will feature an art exhibition, networking workshops and events.

In addition, TransVision will be present in its 5th episode which will be streamed worldwide for free.

Below is a list of artists being featured during the exhibition:

Featured Artists

Robert B.


The child of an immigrant mother, he moved to London after studying photography in Munich and veered into advertising there. Returning to Germany after 12 years abroad, he founded CPGN Photography with a focus on male nudes, exploring Berlin‘s status quo of queer masculinity.

Luna Nother


She obtained her art diploma from the University of Granada (Spain), having spent semesters abroad in Munich, London and Bogotá. She has shown her work in several galleries and cultural spaces in Granada, Paris, Munich, Bogotá, San Francisco, Barcelona and Berlin.

Her latest work concentrates on medium- to large-scale portraits of androgynous figures and explores questions of identity and gender through the study of traditional portraiture in painting.

Mari Poller

Visual Artist.

She holds an MA in Archeology from the University of Bonn, an MA in Art History from Humboldt University and completed her education with a Master program in Fine Arts at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee/ Academy of Art.

She has worked as an Archaeologist across Europe and the Middle East, and as an artist, her work has been presented in galleries and festivals across Europe and the US, including the Galerie des Westens, Festival Miradas de Mujeres, and MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico.

Ana Bathe

Autodidactic Artist.

Born in Belgrade in 1987, Ana is a multi-disciplinary autodidactic artist currently living and working in Berlin. Drawing inspiration from various forms of art and by assuming the roles of subject, photographer, painter, sculptor, set and costume designer in her work, the artist is able to produce works which give her philosophies a visual body. Her work has been published and exhibited throughout Europe.

Don Aretino


Indonesian – born, Berlin-based designer. His work explores the interconnection between same sex desire, religion and social analysis. He creates these narratives through bold collections that are intended to discomfort and creating a counter argument to an existing norm.

Throughout his career, He has been working for notable brands, such as SADAK & House of Malakai while creating several collections and building his reputation through various projects. This helps him to gain the experience across multiple fields, including as a costume designer and set designer. His works has been featured in various editorials and magazines, such as Dazed Digital, Fucking Young!, Sleek, FGUK, OE Magazine, Vision China and L’officiel Indonesia.

Sven Marcel


Even as a child, no sheet of paper and no vacancy in my exercise books was safe from me. Every free space was used to provide them with thought-out comic characters and cartoons. Even today it still itches my fingers every time I see a sheet of paper in front of me. So it was just logical that I turned my hobby into my profession and thus found my calling.

I have been working as a freelance comic artist and illustrator since 1997 and I am happy every day when I can sit at my desk to allow colorful comic worlds to emerge in front of me. I love inventing cartoon characters and stories and the challenge of realizing my customers’ wishes according to their ideas. And every time I am amazed at what can arise out of nowhere on a white sheet of paper with imagination, imagination and the necessary craftsmanship.

Sven Marcel