Nadine Dinter

Nadine Dinter (born in Berlin, 1975) is a self-taught photographer, focusing on portrait and sculpture photography. She first started exhibiting her work in 1999 in Berlin. She continued taking photographs while in New York, where she showed her work as well. In 2006, Nadine moved into commissioned photography, mainly for magazines such as Kunstzeitung, KUNSTJAHR, and H-ART. During this time, she discovered street photography for herself, which she could combine nicely with her other, PR-based travels.

Dinter is currently based in Berlin, where she divides her time between running her own PR agency, taking photographs, and curating exhibitions on a regular basis. Some of her photographic work is represented by akg images.

The series Torso – An homage to Andy Warhol was shot in 2012 with the L.A. based model, artist, and enfant terrible, Benjamin Godfre, who was visiting Berlin at that time. Dinter and Godfre spent an intensive two days together, taking pictures and talking about art, music, and film while channeling the spirit of Warhol and of the Doors. The four images on display capture the essence of the wider body of work Dinter and Godfre created together.

The work Torso 4, edition 1/10 was sold at auction in 2015 for the benefit of Hotel Bogota.


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