Rinaldo Hopf

Rinaldo Hopf was born in Freiburg, West Germany on June 30, 1955.

He studied Art, Cultural Anthropology and Religious History in Freiburg, West Germany, San Francisco, California and Bremen, West Germany where he graduated (with honors).

He worked as a Visual Artist in San Francisco, California and Paris, France (Atelier Dedalo Montali) and as an Art Therapist in Forensic Institutions in San Francisco and West Berlin.

He currently lives and works as a Visual Artist, Editor and Curator in Berlin.

Two books of his photography: “Subversiv”, 2004; “Amore”, 2006 and his art book “Trickster”, 2013 were published by Konkursbuch Verlag Claudia Gehrke, Tübingen, Germany. He edited the anthology “Mein schwules Auge / My gay Eye” 3 – 14, 2006 – 2018 for the same publisher.

In preparation: his new art book “Movies of my Youth” featuring his watercolors inspired by the films of R.W.Fassbinder, P.P.Pasolini and A.Warhol.


Rinaldo Hopf b.1955

Retrospective, The Ballery, Berlin (solo show)
AllTogether Clubhouse – Collection Tom of Finland Foundation, New York
My Gay Eye #20 Uncensored, Eisenherz, Berlin (curated by Rinaldo Hopf & Fedya Ili)
Some Bodies are like Flowers…, Clara del Rey Cultural Center-ABC Museum, Madrid
Unos cuerpos son como flores / Naturalezas Trans, Espacio Santa Clara, Sevilla
Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival 2023, The Knast, Berlin
KUNST RAI ART AMSTERDAM, Galerie Mooiman, Amsterdam

My Return to Pleasure Park, Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles (solo show)
Who killed Pasolini?, The Ballery, Berlin (solo show)
Chi ha ucciso Pasolini?, Palazzo Panichi / Vehicle Projects, Pietrasanta, Italy (solo show)
Hommagio a Pier Paolo Pasolini, Casa Museo Murabito, Casoli, Italy (solo show)
AllTogether – Collection Tom of Finland Foundation, Studio Canareggio, Biennale di Venezia
AllTogether– Collection Tom of Finland Foundation , The Community, Paris
My Gay Eye #19 Sex Utopia, Eisenherz, Berlin (curated by Rinaldo Hopf & Fedya Ili)
Queering the Crip, Cripping the Queer, Schwules Museum, Berlin
Paradiso Austere, The Ballery, Berlin
EXXXplicit, Galerie Mooiman, Groningen NL
The Male Figure XI, Kunstbehandlung, Munich
Primal Matter @The Knast, Berlin

Summer of Love, The Ballery, Berlin (solo show)
München & Berlin / Coriander P. & Rinaldo Hopf, Munich Art Gallery, Munich
Precious Paperworks – 15 Years Galerie Mooinman
, Groningen NL
Queer durch Tübingen, Stadtmuseum Tübingen
Germany, The Ballery, Berlin
Bill Arning Exhibitions, Houston, Texas
Instinct#InBETWEEN, The Village, Berlin
25 Years Kunstbehandlung, Munich
Male Figure #10, Kunstbehandlung, Munich

Masculine, Galerie Bovistra, Stuttgart
My Gay Eye #17 Body Issues, Eisenherz, Berlin (curated by Rinaldo Hopf & Fedya Ili)
Te quiero / I love you, Espacio Santa Clara, Sevilla, Spain
Pride & Prejudice, The Ballery, Berlin
Pride, Harvey Milk Photo Center, San Francisco
Transvision, The Ballery, Berlin
The dark male Modelforbidden Words, Galerie Mooiman, Groningen NL


Stonewall Riots 1969, Kunstbehandlung, Munich (solo show)
Stonewall Riots 1969, West Hollywood Park, Los Angeles
Stonewall 50 – days of future past, GlogauAir, Berlin
Stonewall Riots 1969, Berghain, Berlin
TIES, TALES AND TRACES – Collection Frank Wagner, Between Bridges, Berlin
Homosurrealism, Bar Les Souffleurs, Paris
Looking for Dick, Schau Fenster, Berlin
My Gay Eye #16 Berlin Special, The Ballery, Berlin (curated by Rinaldo Hopf & Fedya Ili)
Positionen der Zuneigung, Sonntagsclub, Berlin
Masculine, Galerie Bovistra, Stuttgart


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