Giegling @The Ballery

Giegling is an artist and friend collective hailing from Weimar, where most of them met while attending the Bauhaus university.

At The Ballery artspace in Berlin, from Friday 31st March, they will exhibit part of the Gesamtkunstwerk which sees them coming back to Germany after an extensive world tour.

The tour has seen the full label collective hit the road for a string dates to “give people an idea of what Giegling is really about.” With core artists ATEQ, Birds & Tapes, Christian, DJ Dustin, Frauke, Edward, Holger, Konstantin, Leafar Legov, Dirk, Otto Oscar Hernandez, Schaaly and Vril, the collective have been playing dates in cities across Europe, Asia and the US.

The tour, which encompasses “silent discos, club nights, exhibitions, dance performances, sculptures, installations and more,” launched with a “Planet Giegling In Concert” event on February 3rd in New York. The first of a series of exhibition/concert-style sessions landed in cities such as Seoul, London, Amsterdam, Tbilisi, Kiev, Tokyo, Brussels, Paris, Basel, Beijing, Israel and more.

“For us, Giegling is the belief that we are better together than as individuals,” the collective says. “It is the shared conviction that the work we do and the art we create will be more meaningful, more impactful and longer-lasting if it’s the sum of us rather than a collection of single works.”