Join us all at The Ballery on Saturday 25th November for the opening of our winter season with an exhibition featuring over 20 artists.

There will be performances and many different interpretations of the title ‘White Love’.

Sadie Weis, Rinaldo Hopf, Kiril Bikov, Nicolas Balcazar, Fedya Ili,
Olivia Descampe, Andrea Galad, Otto Oscar Hernandez, Søren Drastrup, Lisa Glauer, Mischa Fanghaenel, Mirella Frangella, Valentina Bardazzi, Magpieartcollective, Naomi Takaki, Daniele Roccaro, Chris Phillips, Lena Ader, Jill Tegan Doherty, Kevin Gray
Special performance directed by Viviana Medina + more!


The Ballery
Nollendorfstrasse 11-12
10777 Berlin



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