Rinaldo Hopf – Untouched

Rinaldo is most known for his watercolour paintings, however those who have been following his career spanning over 40 years will know that Rinaldo has also captured a vast array of his experiences through the lens. Rinaldo is and has become an important contributor in the field of gay culture. He has witnessed the enormous changes of Berlin and throughout his life he has never stopped documenting life whether it be through painting or photography.

‘Untouched’ brings together erotic photographic portraits from the international art and queer scene featuring many prominent personalities, artists, models, pop and porn stars.

The erotic portraits from 1988 to present provide a representative cross-section of his work. Charlotte von Mahlsdorff, Ralf König and Quentin Crisp are just some of the subjects portrayed. Hopf’s photographs captivate with their intense colours, unusual scenes and their intensity and directness avoid conventional attributions – they are subversive. ‘Untouched’ tells the love and life stories of individuals who violate traditional rules and opens up unimpeded insights into a reality whose diversity, creativity and colorfulness leave no one untouched

Patrick Bartsch – Oil & Canvas

Patrick grew up deep in the Black Forest in a village called “Schluchsee”. In 2006 he moved to Berlin and achieved success as a provocative Berlin scene photographer under the guise “Master Patrick’.

In recent years Patrick has been making notable progress with oil on canvas paintings. For those who have been following Patrick over the years it is clear that Patrick is evolving his own very special style of painting. With this exhibition ‘Oil & Canvas’ The Ballery is excited to present a reflective and very ‘Berlin’ collection of works by this very empathic artist.

The Ballery

Nollendorfstrasse 11-12
10777 Berlin

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