Artists: Otto Oscar Hernandez, Thibaut Henz, Frauke Klinker, Holger Wilkens, Karl Gottfried König, Lisa Glauer, Moritz Löwe, Rachel Israela & Christian Starz

February Blues presents a group show of artists who stem from Weimar and who at one time or another were associated with Weimar’s Bauhaus University or Giegling music label. February Blues is an invitation to a living room where through a series of events including concerts and social gatherings we will help you escape and embrace the melancholic greyness of a Berlin winter.

The Ballery is a palette of colours that is and is not so random. The pieces for the show, as well as the works of its associated gallery members, will be on display and for sale through the month of February. For further information about this show, you can contact The Ballery at 030 2100 3124 or go to the The Ballery Facebook page.

Exhibition opening hours
Tuesday: 18-22hr
Wed-Fri: 15-19hr
Saturday: 13-19hr


The Ballery
Nollendorfstrasse 11-12
10777 Berlin

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