After a great series of openings and events throughout July, we are pleased to welcome back another round of Pop-Up shows at The Ballery this August!

We thought we’d set up a blog to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what’s happening at The Ballery. This month we are putting on two Pop-Up exhibitions, meaning there’s lots going on at The Ballery! We want to share what’s happening in preparation for the upcoming shows and give you some more insight into the artists who are taking part this time round. We’ll be sharing interviews with some of the artists, updates on how the exhibitions are coming together, and probably some random, but hopefully interesting, updates! 

But to start things off, I will briefly introduce myself. I’m Meghan and, like Simon, I’m from the UK. I moved to Berlin a few years ago to pursue my interest in working with artists and galleries. I have been helping out at The Ballery for the last few months, working on the new online shop and the Pop-Up shows. I’ve really loved being a part of all the excitement at The Ballery, which I’m sure most people will agree is a very special place.

We will be adding to the blog everyday throughout August, so there will be lots of interesting things to come!